• To create the most conductive atmosphere for learning and research for students in order to make them capable of independent thinking, socially relevant and able to exercise their talents in the most positive and profitable ways.
  • To inculcate in students the virtues of hard work, creative thinking, originality of ideas, critical enquiry into norms and values, quality problem-solving approach to issues and positive projection of their immediate environment to the outside world.
  • To produce graduates who are well groomed in human relation skills, exhibiting the best of character in the society and capable of leading the modern world in all field of human endeavour, particularly in the fields of politics, business and economics.
  • To produce a new generation of industrialists that will employ holistic approach to the relationship between labour and capital in order to deliver a more enduring economic prosperity without compromising the need for quality assurance, human capital development and the general well being of the human society.
  • To produce graduates who are not only employable but are also employers of labour in their various fields and who will utilize the available resources in liberating the Africa continent from its present economic difficulties.

In line with the above philosophy and objectives the College is committed to academic excellence and the transformation of educational standards in Nigeria through a rigorous combination of teaching, research and community service and places emphasis on the delivery of high quality education, in line with national and international rankings.  Our approach to education embraces the advance methods of interactive teaching and learning that maximizes the potential of students for a future that is rich in leadership qualities, innovation and creativity.